Circle 66 Outfitters started out as an embroidery shop and has grown into a one stop shop for all your promotional and apparel needs. We have the most advanced embroidery software on the market to make your logo look the very best it can. We can work with an existing logo or design a logo just for you. We believe that this business is a customer service business and we treat people the way they should be treated. Our promise to you is that "We will earn your business with Quality Products and Great Customer Service". As Proof of this in our First year of business we gained customers in 8 States and Canada.
I graduated from Abilene Christian University in the Spring of 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Communications. I took that degree and immediately started my own mobile wash company. Over the next 10 years through excellent workmanship and customer service I built one of the biggest Mobile Washes in the area. I Sold the Mobile Wash in Jan 2005 and went about looking for new challenges in the sales field. In December of that year I decided it was time to go back to work for myself. I Started CIRCLE 66 OUTFITTERS in Jan and have fully enjoyed the challenges of starting a new business and being able to provide my customers with Quality Products and Great Customer Service.
Gunner was given to me in August of 2005 by my good friend Danny Baize of Houston. He was one of three labs that Danny had and he just didn't have room anymore. He has become my constant companion and store mascot of sorts. People come in sometimes just to play with him and say hi. He comes to work with me almost everyday and loves to retrieve birds, trail deer and get attention from anyone and everyone. Come by and say HI and give him a scratch behind the ear, he'll love ya forever.

Circle 66 Outfitters - Abilene,TX